1976 - 2016 : la Compagnie Monégasque de Banque fête ses 40 ans
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Financial markets volatility

At the beginning of 2016, asset markets suffered from significant falls in both equities and corporate bonds. The market focus remained on economic growth and numerous uncertainties led to a pessimistic perspective for asset prices. The growth rate in China and the sharp drop in oil are the main reasons for volatility today. However, developed countries, especially the United States and in Europe, have recorded solid growth. Central banks are focused on the situation and are ready to undertake additional stimulation, if required. Finally, risky assets (equities and bond spreads) are at relatively attractive levels.

News flash : Solar Impulse II resumes trip around the world

The solar powered airplane ‘’Solar Impulse II’’ took off from Hawaii on April 21st 2016 to continue its record-breaking solar-powered journey around the world.

Indeed, after more than eight months pausing, the plane took off from Hawaii with more efficient batteries for a Pacific crossing to Mountain View, California. On board, the Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard is confident and the technical team monitors the operations from the Control Center based at the Auditorium Rainier III of Monaco.

The aircraft will then reach New York, the last leg before the great crossing of the Atlantic to reach Europe and then Abu Dhabi where it all began. CMB wishes good luck to the Pilots to fulfill their objective!

CMB Wealth Management Limited

Compagnie Monegasque de Banque is pleased to announce the opening of its London subsidiary, CMB Wealth Management Ltd, that allows it to broaden its geographical presence, and to be closer to UK based clients. CMB is a leading private bank in Monaco, and a member of the Mediobanca Group, the pre-eminent Italian Investment Bank.

CMB Wealth Management Ltd (“CMB London”) is authorised by the UK Regulator (FCA) to advise on investments and mortgages, and thus offers a large range of products and services. Click here for full details.

News flash : Launch of new sub-funds CMB Global Lux

The Luxembourg financial regulator, la Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ("CSSF"), has authorized CMB to launch four new sub-funds within its range of Luxembourg SICAVs. These sub-funds, launched in July, invest in the following asset classes: emerging market debt, diversified fixed income, euro corporate debt and high dividend yield equity.

The management of the emerging market debt fund has been delegated to Neuberger Berman, an investment management firm with a strong track record in this asset class. Emerging market debt will include both government and corporate securities, denominated either in their local currency or in US dollar. The other funds are replication of existing funds within CMB’s range issued under Monaco law.

By launching these sub-funds, CMB extends the range of investment solutions it offers to its clients by including funds compliant to the European Directives (UCITS). Going forward, CMB may grow its investment offering by considering external distribution agreements.

Contact details:
CMB Wealth Management Limited
4th Floor
62 Buckingham Gate
London SW1E 6AJ

Email: cmblondon@cmb.mc
Phone: +44 (0) 203 036 9634

CMB Wealth Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA - registration number: 662929.

News flash: Our investment choices in a context of low interest rates and low equity volatility

Today, in a context of low interest rates both in Europe and in the United States, but with a different monetary situation and with increasing Equity volatility (in particular in Europe), we favor:

On the bond side:

  • A low duration both in Europe (deflation fades away which may lead to a possible rise of rates on the long end of the curve) and in the United States (normalization of the FED monetary policy within the coming months).
  • A preference for Corporate Bonds versus Governmental Bonds (spreads compensate for risk free rates volatility).
  • An active yield curve monitoring.

On the Equity side:

  • In spite of valuations that are not cheap we overweight Equities versus Bonds. The expansive monetary policies by the leading central banks offer a strong support for Equity markets.
  • From a geographical point of view, we overweight the United States, we are neutral Europe and on emerging countries. The visibility and the soundness of the economic growth make us favor the U.S. We are neutral on Europe for a lack of reforms which limit potential economic growth. However the good dynamic for the current activity is favorable. Emerging countries deal with adverse economic conditions. But due to low valuations, we are therefore neutral on this zone.