Financing solutions

For more than 40 years, CMB has been accompanying its international clients in their real estate projects in Monaco, the Riviera and the prestigious areas of Paris, offering a range of financing solutions tailored to their needs.

With a broad autonomy, CMB aims to satisfy its customers by putting at its disposal a team of highly qualified international professionals. CMB strives to respond to its customers needs in a reactive and confidential manner.  From a private banking perspective CMB meets its clients liquidity and leveraging needs by offering Lombard Financing backed by securities portfolios. Our strength: Bringing the best solutions to our clients with reactivity and efficiency through a team of qualified on site professionals.

Thanks to the expertise of our credit and legal departments and to our knowledge of the real estate market in Monaco and the French Riviera and the most prestigious district in Paris, CMB can meet its client’s needs and offer them tailored mortgage financing.

For clients looking to diversify their real estate portfolios, CMB has relationships with other local and foreign institutions to finance projects both in euro and other currencies. CMB also accompanies its clients in their real estate development operations in Monaco.  

CMB’s autonomy allows it to respond in a timely manner to our client’s specific needs.

As part of its Private Banking activity, CMB assists its clients offering Lombard financing generating a surplus of liquidity destined to optimize their capital structure and/or to satisfy cash flow needs without disinvesting their financial assets. CMB offers Lombard Financing to its clients

The Lombard Lending is a short term loan against pledged by cash or financial assets held in the books of the Bank. The amount of the loan will depend on the structure of the portfolio’s assets.

CMB offers a maximal loan to value for each asset based on an analysis which will calculate the profile risk based principally on three main criteria: the quality, the volatility and liquidity of a security.

A team of highly qualified professionals in the Lombard activity is available to assist its clients.