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An attractive work environment prevails at CMB characterised by willingness to listen to employees’ opinions, the possibilities given to them of putting their ideas into practice, the capacity to generate adherence to the Bank’s values, the responsibility given to employees and recognition of their contribution.

CMB’s management has put in place an on-going management training programme to instil the five Leadership principles (© John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) in everyday behaviour and create a work environment that enables talent to blossom, i.e. enables employees to give their best to the clients and therefore to the Bank.

This training programme is open to management staff and department heads, who will be called upon to implement a team management designed to:

  • create a model path
  • inspire a shared vision
  • question existing procedures
  • give employees the capacity to act
  • encourage conviction

Based on the Leadership principles, this training programme seeks to crystallise their application through seminars dedicated to time management and project management.

CMB has the good fortune to operate at a human scale in that the size of its workforce, 212 at 31 December 2017, enables staff to know each other personally, be directly accessible for the management of daily tasks and communicate directly, which is essential for efficiency and coherence.

People enjoy working at CMB, partly because it is an autonomous entity with significant powers of decision.

The work environment is also enhanced by CMB’s continuous efforts in terms of employee training.

The Bank sets great importance on its employees’ career development, in keeping with its aim of providing services characterised by a high level of skills and a spirit of innovation.

CMB offers employees a training programme leading to formal qualifications, in three courses, each of three modules, over three years.

Course 1 comprises the modules: Financial markets and the economy, Law and compliance and Loans

Course 2 comprises the modules: International taxation, Bond and money markets and Funds

Course 3 comprises the modules: Structured products, Foreign exchange transactions and Portfolio management.

Specific training is also provided, either in compliance with regulatory requirements as in the case of the fight against money laundering, or according to the needs of the various departments.

Examples include special technical training in the areas of accounting for derivative financial instruments, IT and compliance.

Lastly, aware of the permanent efforts required to build strong relationships with international clients, the Bank provides employees with foreign language classes.

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CMB places particular emphasis on developing collegial work relationships, reflected in the regular events it organises for employees.