Our experts

The Management Unit is the team dedicated to managing discretionary management mandates in accordance with the Bank’s investment strategy.

It operates on site, with great professionalism, with a very stable team.

Based on the Bank’s investment strategy, it manages the accounts and ensures responsive implementation of the investment strategy taking market trends into account.

The managers are in constant contact with the relationship managers for all issues concerning management of the portfolios and analysis of investment outlooks, providing clients with exceptionally close contact with the portfolio managers.

The Management Unit benefits from the synergies arising from collaboration with the Bank’s other investment services.

The team is composed of three senior managers, each with more than 20 years’ experience in banking and private asset management, one junior manager and one person responsible for dealing with the sales and administrative departments.

The senior managers have been on the management team for more than ten years.

CMB Asset Management is the Bank’s asset management subsidiary. It provides customised management services for wealthy clients seeking personalised asset management solutions.

Its main purpose is to cater for clients looking for individualised management and special monitoring services.

CMB Asset Management comprises three very experienced senior managers, with several decades of experience with major international banks.

Clients have access to two types of service from CMB Asset Management: management under mandates and order transmission, the latter enabling experienced investors to benefit from contact with CMB Asset Management’s managers to support their own investment decisions.

Compagnie Monégasque de Gestion (CMG) is the Bank’s wholly-owned fund management subsidiary. Its main activity is managing open or dedicated Monegasque mutual and investment funds for institutional and/or private clients. It also manages a Luxembourg open-ended investment company.

CMG’s team consists of five highly trained senior fund managers who have a profound experience of the market and one junior fund manager. One risk manager and two middle-office assitants complete the team.

The funds managed by CMG cover all the main asset classes: money market funds, bond funds, convertible bond funds, diversified funds (equities, bonds and hedge funds), equity funds and funds of hedge funds.

Trading desk – Securities Desk

The Securities Desk is responsible for executing clients’ orders on the market. It generally acts on the instructions of the relationship managers, but for clients that are very active in the financial markets it provides an Execution Desk service that enables clients to place their orders directly with the trading desk.

The team consists of four professional traders, active in brokerage, with several years’ experience in this area.

The Securities Desk aims to provide clients with the best possible execution of their orders.

Through the Securities Desk, CMB’s clients can trade in a wide range of financial instruments such as equities, bonds, mutual funds and financial derivatives.

Through Reuters, Bloomberg, the interbank communication networks and other contributors, the Securities Desk has real time access to financial data, thereby providing clients with a tool for multiple investment possibilities and top quality execution.

Trading desk – Forex Desk

The Forex Desk centralises and manages cash and foreign exchange transactions and flows within Compagnie Monégasque de Banque.

The Forex Desk provides execution services to the managers and transmits the orders to the various markets on which it trades (forex, cash and financial derivatives). The clients’ instructions are either transmitted by the relationship managers or, in the case of Customer Desk contracts, by the clients themselves.

The team consists of four experienced professionals.

The Credit Department is made up of nine highly qualified multilingual individuals with two principal focuses carried out with confidentiality and the highest performance :

  • Assist and support relationship managers by providing the best financing solutions suited to their clients needs in achieving their real estate projects or cash requirements.
  • To assist with the request of the client from the initial receipt of the instruction of the credit file up to the completion of the file.

The financing activity of CMB covers principally:

  • Mortgage financing in Monaco, the Riviera and most of the prestigious quarters of Paris.
  • Lombard Lending for leverage operation and/ or for personal cash needs.

Our strengths:

A multilingual team of highly qualified professionals with the creativity and flexibility to offer the best ’’tailor made’’ financing solutions to its clients.