Our sales teams

The sales department includes teams specialised in following up resident clients and teams focused on services for an international clientele. All in all, more than 60 people are actively involved in direct contact with clients. Every member of the sales staff focuses on developing a quality relationship with each client, listening to them, advising them, helping them and directing them towards the most appropriate solutions.

CMB seeks to provide services adapted to its clients’ needs, which vary according to their country of origin, their language, their assets, their experience in financial markets, their risk profile, their investment objective and their financing needs.

For very wealthy clients, CMB has set up structured entities in order to provide clients with a personalised follow-up, staffed by employees with generalist profiles to assist clients in defining complex solutions.

To serve its international clients, that Bank has set up dedicated groups organised according to the clients’ culture and language.

In this respect, CMB operates an Eastern Europe desk, mainly for Russian speaking clients, manned by six people from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria, who are all fluent Russian speakers.

A second international desk, operated by a team with great cultural diversity, caters for clients from diverse horizons, in particular, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Africa and the Far and Middle East.

Units have also been set up to cater for the specific needs of certain professional categories such as trust companies, lawyers, insurers, notaries, family offices, real-estate agents, sports managers, chartered accountants and independent wealth managers.

CMB’s Corporate Clients department focuses on a clientele of Monegasque companies and institutions, assisting them in their daily activities, particularly in the area of cash management.

The branches focus on full banking services and private banking services for Monegasque clients, including foreign residents.

The branch staff’s perfect knowledge of the local economy and its main players makes for an ideal relationship with our clients. They carry out standard banking transactions in the best possible conditions thereby facilitating all transactions.

The branches are attentive to their existing and prospective clients so that, as well as providing a high quality banking relationship, they can meet their demands, assist them in their investment choices and management of their assets or direct them, according to their profile, to one of the Bank’s specialised services.

The branch staff receive their clients without appointment, from Monday to Friday, at 4 rue Grimaldi and 23 avenue de la Costa, and by appointment on Saturday mornings at 23 avenue de la Costa.

The Costa branch is located at CMB’s head office in Monte Carlo. The Grimaldi branch is located in one of Monaco’s oldest quarters, close to its main shopping area and residential neighbourhoods. This branch provides both private banking and retail banking services. The Grimaldi branch offers all the services provided by CMB to its resident and non-resident retail clients, large accounts, institutional clients, corporate clients, businesses, shopkeepers and tradesmen.

The Investment Consultancy Unit has a specialised team that is available to CMB’s relationship managers to help them find the best investment solutions for their clients. Positioned at the centre of the financial activities, it provides a perfect link between clients and the financial markets.

The unit provides relationship managers with real technical support, identifying when requested the investment solutions best suited to their clients’ needs.

Depending on the investment amount and currency, the investment horizon and the client’s objectives and special requirements, the Investment Consultancy Unit is called upon to, as the need may be:

  • draw up an appropriate asset allocation
  • perform a detailed portfolio analysis
  • look for the most suitable investment vehicles

The Investment Consultancy Unit publishes regular financial market research, with a daily Morning Call, a Monthly market barometer and a Quarterly Market Review. It also performs quantitative securities selection and, on request, analyses of different asset classes (equities, bonds, commodities, etc.).

The team consists of:

  • A team manager, a graduate of Nice University with 25 years’ experience in fund management, discretionary management and advice with various banks in Monaco.
  • A senior investment advisors, the first one has been with CMB for 15 years, of which 8 years in the equities section of the Management Unit and has a degree from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.
  • Two assistants.

Dedicated to independent wealth managers, the Intermediaries Unit operates on a B-2-B basis and above all acts as a custodian bank for independent wealth managers.

The existing partnerships are built on the quality of a dedicated service and the clients whose assets are managed by the bank’s partners enjoy all the advantages of CMB’s financial strength and professionalism.