Our service philosophy

CMB’s approach to service is guided by the Bank’s mission and values.

CMB’s approach focuses entirely on its clients, listening attentively to their needs so that it can provide the right solutions.

The term “solutions” naturally implies skill, know-how and professional ethics to define them.

Listening to and understanding needs and presenting clearly explained and mutually agreed solutions are essential elements for ensuring that the proposal, a product of this know-how, is a solution that truly meets the needs identified for each client.

CMB ensures personalised contact with systematic steps aimed at optimising dialogue and communication in order to define the responses sought by its clients.

The personalised relationship is structured into four ‘steps’ that can be summarised as follows:

  • The client explains, his relationship manager being there to listen and to understand fully
  • The relationship manager proposes solutions that seem appropriate, the client discusses these with the relationship manager and assesses them
  • The client decides to go ahead and the relationship manager focuses on ensuring the best execution possible
  • The relationship manager monitors the decisions taken according to the objectives discussed. He alerts the client in the case of new opportunities, improvements or adverse developments so that any adjustments required can be made.