Wealth managers

The principle of focusing on its clients’ needs has led CMB to set up a special unit, the Intermediaries Unit, to provide services to professional wealth managers, mainly independent wealth managers.

This unit caters exclusively for professional clients in order to rule out any risk of conflict of interests.

It consists of a team of seven, to ensure continuous service during office hours.

It constantly develops its service offer to improve the quality of service enjoyed by independent wealth managers.

The Intermediaries Unit offers a variety of services as listed below.

CMB’s services for professional intermediaries, in particular independent wealth managers, include:

  • Personalised assistance with any formalities required in Monaco
  • Assistance for opening an account and identifying clients, as provided for in the regulations, with bilingual documentation in French and English
  • Receipt and execution of management instructions transmitted by the professional manager in respect of previously defined underlying assets (equities, bonds, convertible bonds, mutual funds, currencies and derivative financial instruments)
  • Putting in place, if appropriate, of direct access to CMB’s trading desk
  • Putting in place, if appropriate, of DVP solutions with other institutions to facilitate order placement by the professional manager
  • Order execution reports
  • Provision via the CMB Online application of mail in electronic format, individualised or aggregated, to show the data relating to the managed accounts (account statements, transaction slips, statements of assets)
  • Access to CMB’s range of mutual funds and structured products
  • Access to CMB’s investment advisory service, comprising in particular portfolio analysis and investment proposals according to the client’s objectives
  • Access to CMB’s financing offer, both in mortgage loans (Monaco and French Riviera) and Lombard loans
  • Making available specific applications (for calculating the federal trading levy, for example, for Swiss independent wealth managers obliged to declare such fees)
  • Putting in place automated data exchange systems (in CSV or STP format)
  • The putting in place, for long-standing business relationships, of a client identification delegation, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1.362 of 3 August 2009
  • Assistance with specific formalities to help independent wealth managers satisfy their clients’ special needs.