Sustainable finance
Le 25/10/2019

This week we talk about sustainable finance and what it means to be banking with purpose. Often viewed with skepticism, the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics in investment strategies is a growing trend. Ida Commin interviews Eric Tournier, a portfolio manager at CMB, who has been convinced for a very long time of the importance of developing sustainable investing strategies. 

Millennials and Banking
Le 27/09/2019

Last month we talked about women and finance, this month we looked into a different demographic: millennials, which is the generation born between 1980 and 1994. Ida Commin interviews Yoan Hasoon, a millennial himself, and an Investment Specialist at CMB advising clients on all asset classes. We asked ourselves how can banks cater to the needs of this growing audience and if, in the digital age, bankers are still useful to this audience.    

Women and Finance
Le 30/08/2019

This week we talk about a subject close to our heart at CMB: Women and Finance. Our guest is Sophie Saurini who has had an impressive career in the banking sector. We will try to answer some key questions such as: why are there still so few women in finance? What can financial institutions do to ensure more women join this sector? How can we change the reputation of the banking sector?